The contribution that strategic HR can make to businesses is gradually being recognised. HR is now starting to get a place at the ‘top table’ where key business decisions are made. Whether you are a SME with no in house team, or a larger organisation with a HR team requiring either resource or advice support – we can help.

We can deliver

What you can expect

Effective Recruitment

  • The right people in the right roles
  • Reduced recruitment costs – you get the skills you need first time
  • Your managers have the time to focus on key business goals rather than handling the aftermath of poor recruitment decisions

Effective Performance Management

  • Increases in efficiency – more value from fewer staff
  • Greater opportunity to meet organisational goals – linking individual performance management into collective targets
  • Fewer tribunals – reducing costs and damaging bad publicity
  • Increased retention- good staff want to stay with you
  • No passengers – those that do not perform are managed out fairly and legally

Effective Reward

  • Retention of key skills in your business
  • Valued staff who in turn create value
  • Cost efficiency by rewarding only effective performance
  • Reduced time spent recruiting and lower recruitment costs as staff stay!

Positive Culture and Morale

  • Motivated staff who produce better results
  • Positive behaviours embedded in systems and processes influencing organisational culture and performance

Effective Development

  • Enhanced business performance with existing resources
  • Staff want to stay with your business – developing organisational competence
  • Developing staff leads to developing organisational performance