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Competency Frameworks – Organisation wide

They say that the only certain thing in life is change. Well it’s certainly a major player on the management field when it comes to our day to day working life.

Are you confident that your managers have the skills and abilities to manage change in your workplace? We have developed a change management course that we believe is a little bit different. We give you a choice, run with our ‘off the shelf’ production or better still work with us to develop the ‘training intervention’ that best suits your organisation and meets the learning needs of your people.

Change is a serious issue. It impacts on all your people in different ways and we have designed this course to take account of those key issues but we have also added an element of fun, practicality and enjoyment. If your people enjoy their learning experiences then they will take that learning back to the workplace, talk about it to others and most importantly put it in to practice.

This course has been developed to benefit any manager that is involved in the introduction or ongoing process of change management. The key elements that make up this course are:

  • Why we need to manage change
    Managers need to understand what change management is. They need to recognise the sources of change, what drives change and what stands in its way. We then look at ways to overcome those barriers by involving all members of their team in the change process.  We discuss the effects of change on both the delegates themselves and the people they manage.  
  • Why people resist change
    People resist change for many reasons that range from a lack of understanding of the need to change through to just being awkward. The key is dealing with the resistance, identifying key change agents within the team and organisation and maximising their ability to bring others on board a train that’s left the station and is not coming back!
  • Implementing Change
    To effectively implement any change managers need to identify and appropriately use a number of key skills. These include commitment, communication, the ability to assign responsibility and to change cultures that may have existed since the organisation was formed!
  • Managing people through the change process
    If they are to manage people through the change process then it is vital that managers are clear about their own role and responsibilities in the process. It is easy to ‘wait for direction’ or to simply dismiss the change by saying ‘it’s not my fault team’. Managers have to lead this process and maximise the benefits of the change for their own use. How many managers regularly assess their own change management skills?

Action Planning

Attending a training course and ticking the box is fine but we believe it is vital that people ‘take something back to the workplace’. As such the focus of the day is around the production of an action plan, a strategy for managing change. It is a positive outcome to the day, something managers can use to focus on and begin the process of managing change.