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Organisations have to change with the times and with the markets in which they operate. Cutting costs, mergers and acquisitions, business transfers, service and efficiency improvements, aligning to new sectors or customers, and adapting to new technology can all prompt change.

When the need for change arises, organisational structures need to be reviewed. How many staff will be required? What do you need them to do? What roles and functions need to change?

The impact of changing the structure also needs to be considered – how are existing terms affected and how should consultation and negotiations take place? How will change be implemented? What needs to be done and in what order?

We can provide assistance in:

  • Planning and devising new structures.
  • Role profiling, writing new job descriptions and person specifications.
  • Assessing impacts of proposed changes.
  • Advising of legal requirements in change situations.
  • Consultation processes with individuals and unions
  • Defining selection criteria for redundancy.
  • Designing selection processes for new roles.
  • Devising communication strategies.
  • Implementation of new structures.