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Competencies in Training Courses - Competency Interviewing

This one day course has been designed to give those with a platform knowledge of recruitment theory and practice the opportunity to develop their existing skills in interviewing using competencies.

The course contains the following but should you have a specific requirement we can adapt the course to suit your specific requirements:

  • The theory of competencies – Why use competencies?
    In this session we examine the business case for competencies and discuss the main concepts of individual and organisational competence.
  • How competency interviewing differs from standard interviewing techniques
    We reflect and recap on the principles of recruitment and selection and through discussion identify some of the strengths and limitations of both standard and competency based interviewing. We explore what needs to be in the ‘toolkit’ of a competency interviewer.  
  • Identifying key competency areas by role
    We deliberately take delegates ‘back to basics’ to understand how competencies for each role are defined thus enabling them to apply this back in the workplace with other roles. We want delegates to question and challenge what the role requires in competency terms rather than taking competency requirements from others.
  • Identifying and testing behavioural anchors
    We explore the need to have behavioural anchors and through worked examples really get to the heart of what headline competencies mean.
  • Setting appropriate competency questions
    Defining the right questions is essential if competency interviewing is to fully deliver the results it has the potential to achieve. We guide first and then give delegates the opportunity to practice in a safe environment defining competency question sets themselves.
  • Gathering and analysing evidence of competencies
    We develop the delegate’s ability to be objective and to be very disciplined in the assessment of competencies. We go through some practical examples testing the delegate’s ability to detach and not make any value judgements.  This is about getting the right candidates in the right roles and therefore the ability to assess correctly is vital.
  • Documenting competency assessments
    This is a really important part of the course.  Documents and an audit trail are required for recruitment decisions as well as validating why a specific decision is the right one.
  • Practicing competency interview techniques 
    Delegates get several opportunities throughout the day to practice all elements of the competency interview process culminating with practicing the interview itself together with feedback. 

Introduction to Competencies

This ‘bite sized’ session has been developed to give an overview of the concept of competencies and to prompt thinking towards how competencies might be used in your organisation. The session lasts around 1.5 hours.

The course covers:

  • The difference between competencies and competence.
  • The importance of behaviour in defining expectations via competencies.
  • The business case for competencies.
  • Uses of competencies.
  • Getting started with competencies.

Developing internal staff on competency design and use

Often organisations will want to ‘skill up’ their existing staff to remove the need for dependence on external consultancy support. We have worked with many organisations on this basis and can devise with you a process by which to achieve this aim.

Rather than this being a ‘one off’ event, support is likely to occur over a number of weeks or months at durations to be determined. Often this service is requested to support a large project where the business wants to use the opportunity to develop internal resources but with having the peace of mind that there is an ‘expert’ overseeing the process.

If you have a need to develop your in house team on this area please give us a call.