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Handling Redundancy Course

This course is designed for those who face having to make redundancies. It is applicable for those who are new to this area and for those who want to ‘refresh’ their knowledge. The course covers the legal duties of an employer in redundancy situations and shares best practice. We look at the redundancy process and the people issues which follow in this emotive situation. The course offers opportunities to practice and consolidate the learning from the course as well as giving delegates the opportunity to discuss specific questions they may have on the nuances of the task ahead. A comprehensive ‘toolkit’ of reference material and letter templates is available for delegates to take away.

Course Content

  • Alternatives to redundancy
  • The legal definition of redundancy and defining the business case for redundancy
  • The importance of a redundancy policy
  • Legal obligations
  • Selection criteria
  • Consultation
  • Employee rights
  • Communication and managing change
  • Overview of the various stages of the redundancy process
  • Calculating redundancy pay
  • Managing ‘survivors’
  • Specific redundancy situations – TUPE, Maternity, Restructures, Q and A

Our Approach

During the course we give delegates an opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain through the use of case studies and other practical activities. The course is supplemented by a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ containing reference material and letter templates for delegates to take away.

Key Themes

  • Legal requirements – We cover the legal duties on employers, including consultation, defining fair and robust selection criteria, employee rights including time off to look for other work and consideration for ‘suitable’ alternative work, calculating redundancy pay, the need to follow the Statutory Dismissal and Disciplinary Procedures and what to do if you need to make changes to terms and conditions of employment which may be relevant as an alternative to redundancy.
  • Managing change – We look at how to manage the change that redundancy situations bring, for those who are being made redundant as well as those that will be left behind. This is a highly emotionally charged situation for those who are exiting the organisation and we consider ways that the process can be managed to ensure they are released from the business with dignity, sensitivity and with support.
  • The redundancy process – We walk through the redundancy process making sure delegates understand the various points at which actions must be taken and in what order.