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Bite Size 'Dignity at Work' Course

It is all very well having an Equalities Policy but that policy has to be enacted and be ‘brought to life’ through the actions of everyone in your organisation.

How many of those working in your organisation really understand what it is to value Diversity and do they understand how their actions may be interpreted by others? Do they understand what the organisation expects and needs in terms of their behaviour?

Conscious of the constraints on organisations in terms of taking large numbers of staff away from the business for training, we have devised a ‘bite size’ event aimed at educating and raising awareness of what it means to have ‘Dignity at Work’.

This event can be run in 1.5 hours for up to 25 delegates. If necessary we can run 4 events in one day per trainer thus maximising the penetration of the messages across the business. The course can be used for a cross section of delegates or can be tweaked if organisations wish to run separate events for managers and staff.

Our Approach

The course is filled with quizzes, case studies, fun activities with lots of interaction and anecdotes to make the subject of ‘Dignity at Work’ come alive.

  • Defining what it means to treat people correctly

We then discuss bullying and harassment and the impacts of this on the organisation and the individual.

  • Bullying and Harassment

With the organisation we then draft out an initial competency set for agreement. Competency sets are tailored to the individual business rather than being ‘generic’ or ‘off the shelf’. During this stage we drill down into what is required at various levels in the organisation and ensure that the overall framework has application to all roles within the business. 

  • Myths and Stereotypes
We venture further into the myths, stereotypes and beliefs around bullying and harassment. Through a variety of activities we make the subject of ‘Dignity at Work’, directly applicable and pertinent to each attending delegate causing the messages to remain long after the end of the session has finished.

  • The legal background
We apply a ‘light touch’ to the subject of legislation governing Equalities before moving on to what to do if behaviours which breach the codes of ‘Dignity at Work’ are found.