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Handling Difficult Staff Issues Course

This course is designed to give delegates confidence when handling difficult staff issues and an opportunity for skills practice. It covers how to set and communicate standards of expected behaviour and what to do when those standards are not being met using either informal or formal processes. The course also looks at issues of capability which can arise when an employee isn’t able to do the job for which they have been employed for reasons connected to either performance or health.

Course Content

  • The legal landscape and the internal backdrop for managing conduct and capability issues
  • Setting standards of behaviour – codes of conduct and appropriate policies
  • Using the informal route
  • Dealing with conduct issues – stages of the formal process and case studies
  • Dealing with capability issues – stages of the formal process and case studies
  • How to prepare for conduct and capability meetings
  • Skills practice – handling difficult situations
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Conflict handling

Our Approach

This course covers the theoretical background to handling conduct and capability issues through a range of activities designed to equip the delegates with practical knowledge and confidence to handle these testing situations back in the workplace. All delegates receive a comprehensive reference document to take away which contains sample policies, procedures, hints and tips.

Key Themes

  • The legal landscape and internal backdrop – We cover how to set and communicate expectations, what the law demands, what policies organisations should have in place and how to make these robust and effective.
  • Using the informal process – We look at the types of situations which may lend themselves to the informal approach. We consider reasonableness, fairness and precedent.
  • Using the formal process – We look at a range of disciplinary and capability scenarios then walk through the processes that should be followed with opportunities for debate and discussion.
  • Skills practice – we look at the preparation stages for meetings on conduct and capability matters. There is then an opportunity to use some of the suggested techniques in handling difficult conversations and conflict.