Having spent time and money sourcing the right people for your business and investing in their development, it is highly desirable to keep performing staff within your organisation.

People leave organisations for many different reasons. Sometimes those reasons are beyond your control, for example where personal circumstances dictate that an employee has to move location. However, there are occasions where staff churn can be avoided. Staff may feel that they are not remunerated fairly, that there is no career progression, they may feel undervalued or de-motivated. Through effective HR strategy and systems you can create positive working cultures to address areas of dissatisfaction. Positive climates make staff want to stay with you and thus keep their knowledge and skills within the business.

We list below some of the areas where we can help you with retention of your staff.

  • Employee Attitude Surveys
    Undertaking employee attitude surveys can provide you with the information you need to establish what staff value in your organisation and what they are less satisfied with. The latter obviously gives you vital data with which to reassess areas of dissatisfaction which could lead to staff leaving the organisation.

    We can design and undertake the attitude surveys presenting you with a full report and if required, recommendations for further action. 
  • Benchmarking – Salary and Reward Surveys
    Pay and benefits is always an emotive area for employees within your business. We can undertake salary and reward surveys to assess whether your packages are in step with the market.
  • HR Strategy
    Your business plan will set out key corporate objectives. To achieve those objectives you need a HR strategy which sets out what actions will be required in terms of the people aspects of your business to facilitate the achievement of your organisational targets.

    The business plan is one source of information to inform the HR strategy – there will also be others.

    Working with you we can facilitate the construction of a HR strategy and plan – which will clearly identify the steps that need to be taken to achieve the most from your people in areas which directly influence corporate objectives.