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Development – Training needs analysis

Role specific competencies can also be used for developmental purposes with individuals or groups of individuals. Identification of competencies required in certain roles can improve delivery to the role requirements, influence behaviour, and provide a framework for identifying training needs.

Once the framework has been designed we can work with you to either conduct or assist in the undertaking of a training needs analysis. We will provide feedback and identify training goals to move the organisation forward through development of individuals.

Development Centres

The ‘Development Centre’ approach can be an extremely good way of assessing organisational competence and competency exposure and to identify what strengths and limitations an individual has against a competency framework. This then enables addressing of the collective and individual development needs and ensures resources in terms of budget and time are directed to the areas in most need.

The Development Centre is designed very much along the same lines as the Assessment Centre although the purpose is clearly different. Communication to those who will participate is hugely important as staff will tend to be apprehensive about the Development Centres and will usually be suspicious that there is a separate agenda. We work really hard to ensure that the Development Centres are fun with a serious purpose and that your delegates are fully supported before, during and after the event.

As well as facilitating the event we also ensure that delegates have full briefings about what they can expect before their attendance.

We will prepare feedback reports for the organisation and/or candidates and can if required deliver the feedback either in person or via telephone. We also provide an overview of the organisational strengths and limitations against the competency frameworks.